For collaborations please contact kellypiez@gmail.com

piezloves – [pronounced ‘peates loves’]

Kelly Piez is the creative mind behind ‘piezloves’. At just 26 years of age she has managed to accomplish a lot for most girls her age.

With an Education degree under her belt, she juggles her time between her cherubs at school and pursuing her passion of travel and fashion photography.

Given her love (obsession) for travel, Kelly has travelled extensively and has lived abroad in both Paris and London where she was a Stylist’s Assistant.

Now, based in the seaside town of Terrigal, Australia, she has a love for the ocean and the sun, has an (un?)healthy coffee addiction and always keeps her focus on the Creator.

Kelly appreciates the simple things in life and just loves.

Piezloves aims to be a review of all things beautiful, good and true.

Please contact Kelly for an up to date copy of her Media Kit.



  1. Hi there,
    I have a question regarding your career in education as I’m currently looking at uni options.
    Where did you study & what degree did you get? Why did you choose teaching? Any advice to people who are thinking of becoming teachers?
    Your advice would be much appreciated.
    Thanks Kelly x

    1. Hey there, Thanks for your message lovely. I went to a private college on the Central Coast NSW, Australia (Avondale College) and graduated with a Bachelor of Education (Primary). I would definitely recommend this career. It has it’s moments but so do most jobs. It’s definitely a great degree to get as a back up or a foundation degree. Very rewarding despite it challenges. I hope that helps! xx

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